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Finance / Investments               

Ronan Offshore Services

According to some reports, it has been said that one sixth of the money in the world is in Offshore.

The government has reported the same a few years ago. In May 2006, it was published in a newspaper

that XX% of the money in EU has already flowed to Offshore.

What does this mean? And why does this kind of situation happen?

It is natural for money to go from unstable to stable economies or countries. These stable countries or

jurisdictions we can classify as Offshore.

ThereĀ“s little to no taxes, business licenses are fairly easy to acquire and businesses can be handled remotely.

We offer a wide range of specialist consultancy and corporate

services to individuals and businesses on an international


We can offer our services in:

International company formation.

International bank account opening.

Credit card processing and other payment solutions.

International forex broker licensing.

Second passport and citizenship formation.

Offshore trust and foundation formation.

International bank formation and bank licensing.