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Finance / Investments               


Our Firm offers the Following Programs for our clients.

1. 144A, Reg D, and Private Placements which can deliver 100% of the funds required in the form of debt and/or equity.

2. Mezzanine and Hard Money Programs.

3. Specialty financing for projects up to $2 million (must have 20% - 40% skin in the game.)

4. LTV,s as high as 85%

5. Trade financing, Letters of credit, and Forfelting

6. Equity Partnerships for clients in need of equity for financing.

We have the following resources available globally.

. 1,044 Family Offices

.725 High net worth wealth management firms

. 200 of the top private banks globally

.200 Investment Banks

. 2,000 Endowment Funds

. 1,000 global pension funds

.205 merchant Banks

. 4,000 venture capital firms, private equity firms, and Reits

. 130 capital market professionals

. FINRA broke/dealers and NYSE MEMBER FIRMS